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Shopping, Order and Payment FAQs:

I am not a retailer or wholesaler. Can I order at Assorted.Store too?

Yes, you can. Please have in mind Assorted.Stores product range mostly covers quantity-wise the needs of international retailers, wholesalers or importers.

I am a importer and plan to place a significant order. Can I place a order as a request for quotation?

Yes you can. Please open a customer account with your correct company details and place a order with payment option “Request for Quotation”. We will review and connect back to you with an updated order and updated payment link.

I want to place a order of around 18.000 USD. Can I pay with our company credit card?

Yes you can. Please proceed to checkout and select to pay with Credit Card and authorize the payment. Thereafter we will send you an Bank to Bank Payment Confirmation letter, which need to be stamped and signed by your bank.

The payment gateway is DOKU. Please tell us more about DOKU.

Since our operation is Bali based, we use Indonesian Number 1 well established payment gateway, called Doku. For more details about Doku please follow the link or

During the checkout the payment is converted from USD to IDR. Please tell me more about that.

Doku, the payment gateway convert all currencies to Indonesian Rupiah, abbreviation IDR, which is a legal requirement.

How do I clear for customs?

Please take care, if you order products via Assorted.Store, that this products are eligible to receive in your country. Additional you are responsible to pay taxes and duties during import, if applicable.

From which country the goods are sent?

This information you can see inside of the Assorted.Store on the product page under Product Description or Product Vendor Info.

Can I cancel a order?

Yes, you can. But restrictions apply. You can request to cancel within an hour of your purchase as long as the seller hasn’t dispatched it yet. If it’s been longer than an hour, you can still contact the seller and ask them if they can cancel your order for you. If the seller has already shipped your item, they won’t be able to cancel your order

My profile has been blocked. What can I do?

Please contact us and we will have a look together with you. Our system block sometimes profiles if some of the following condition met:

» Repeated announcements. Announcements are considered as repeated, if you remove, delete or edit (replace the proposal with another or delete all the text and photos) the first announcement before the end of its terms

» You publish a lot of ads with problematic goods or services

» Your ad receives many complaints from buyers

» By mistake by our system or human mistake

It look like the seller does not send out the order. What happen with my order and payment?

First of all we monitor the transaction to ensure all parties do and get what they expect. In the rare case if no shipment is released, then we will investigate. If we find out that is no shipment possible, then we will return the payment via the selected payment instrument.

What is a Top Rated Seller?

Top Rated Sellers are recognized as sellers who consistently earn high ratings from buyers thanks to fast shipping and excellent service. To be considered a Top Rated Seller on Assorted Store, you must meet certain requirements and performance standards. Top Rated Seller status will be reviewed on regular basis. Sellers who meet the criteria will have a featured badge visible on their banner, as well as on their booth homepage and item listing pages, helping sellers to achieve more sales by instilling confidence in buyers.

You can read more about how to achieve Top Rated Seller status below:

Top Rated Seller Requirements might be:

» Maintain an average of 4.5 star feedback or higher

» Don’t break the rules and policies

» Long term active member on Assorted Store

» Significant amount of completed transactions with buyers the last 12 month

» Low refund rate

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