Welcome to Assorted.Store Customer Care

Here we give you a brief description how we ensure Customer Care and what you can expect from us. For more detailed questions and answers you can go directly to our Customer Care FAQ section. If you are an supplier, please have a look at our Supplier FAQ section.

We bring two parties together - you and the product supplier

To ensure that everybody is happy and satisfied, we work with the following codex: We explore unique and native products, mainly in Asia, and during this excursion we find and select favorite suppliers. With the selected supplier we check the quality and quantity of products and production.

For information: The selected suppliers typically have no budget nor capabilities to operate a online shop or they do not know how to deal with international customers, export or payment systems. But we find regular unique and native products at this type of supplier. If all is good and Western World customer expectations can be met, then the supplier is adding the content and products to Assorted.Store, mostly with the help of an external team. After a review and verification the products go on-air.

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